Are Your Grapes Smiling?

Many people have asked me how the The Smiling Grape Company name came about. I’m trying hard to remember – it could have been from that dream where I was dressed as a Roman Emperor and a smiling Carmen Electra was feeding me grapes or was it that lightening strike moment of genius after too many glasses of a New Zealand Pinot Noir? It could only be a name better than ‘Slurp & Spit International’…

The Smiling Grape Company name seemed ideal as:

  • My nickname has always been “Smiler” and yes, it’s true I’m always SMILING – it must be the wine! And  blimey, you should see me at funerals…
  • Wine is made from a GRAPE (quite a few) or so I was told by a customer last week. Also a big thank you to Andrew who brought me his latest batch of runner bean wine to taste (my eyes are watering just thinking of it…)
  • Erm…we are a COMPANY

Wow…it’s that simple!

Keep smiling and drinking the wine!


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