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Magnificent Mixed Cases

The Brexit Busting Case
Getting stressed over Brexit, the weak Pound or those Bureaucrats in Europe?  No problem, just relax with a case of delicious wines from... more info
Flat-Pack Furniture Recovery Wine Case with a FREE Screwdriver
Unclear instruction manuals? Missing screws or bolts? Ending up with spare parts at the end of the build? Once assembled draws don’t quite open... more info
The Perfect With Pizza Mixed Case
Want to hear a joke about pizza?  Beware - it's a bit cheesy:   "Waiter, will my pizza be long?" "No sir, it will... more info
The Perfect TV Wine Pack
Movies, TV shows and wine are the perfect combinition but maybe you need something stronger to help you get through the miserable festive episodes of... more info
The "How You Doin'?" Italian Wine Case
A sensational case of 12 bottles of gluggable Italian wine for just £5.50 per bottle: 4 x Pinot Grigio This very light straw coloured wine... more info
The Fantastic French Mixed Case
At the Smiling Grape we love our wines from France - that's why were are smiling all the time!  Here is a juicy selection of some of our... more info
The Winery of Good Hope Discovery Case
12 delicious bottles from one of our favourite South African producers - The Winery of Good Hope!   2 bottles of each:   Unoaked... more info
The Smiling Grape Fine Wine Case
  2 x Champagne Rodier (France) 1 x  Petit Chablis Gerard Tremblay  (France) 1 x Gewurtztraminer   (France) 1 x... more info